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Password-free authentication using your own mobile app

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Eliminate fraud with real-time payment authorization

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Secure any internet-connected app with a fingerprint

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Fully decentralized authentication. No passwords.

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Decentralized Multi-Factor Authentication

Use our mobile app or yours.

How it works
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1 Users pair mobile devices

receive requests launchkey app

2 Applications push authentication requests

respond to requests

3 Users authenticate & respond

A Flexible Platform for Modern Security Challenges

Solutions to a variety of authentication and authorization challenges in the post-password era.

Use cases
Password-less Login

Immunize your application from password breaches with a more secure alternative that your users will prefer.

purchase screen
Purchase Approval

Secure any transaction with real-time authorization requests backed by multi-factor authentication.

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2-Step Authentication

Improve the security of legacy password systems with an external layer of multi-factor authentication.

verify identity screen
Identity Verification

While the LaunchKey service is 100% anonymous, it can be used for real-time identity verification by customer service departments, businesses, and more.

group authentication
Group Authorization

Programmatically enforce a security approach that requires the simultaneous authorization of multiple individuals.

access control screen
Access Control

Use geofencing, Bluetooth proximity, and a variety of authentication methods to secure access to physical access control systems.

More Use cases

Powerful Developer Tools

Developer Docs

SDKs in Python, NodeJS, PHP, Java, .NET, and more.

Built for developers

A platform-agnostic REST API built to scale for the unique security needs of your application. SDKs and plugins in every major development language and platform make integration quick and simple.

Cryptography without hassle

Improper implementation of complex cryptography is a common source of vulnerabilities. LaunchKey handles all of the complex cryptography for you so you can focus on building your application.

Made to scale

Whether you have hundreds of users or millions, and whether you’re using our cloud infrastructure or hosting on your own, LaunchKey was built to scale for applications of all sizes.

Instantiate an SDK Client
1. var LaunchKey = require("launchkey-sdk"),
2. appKey = "1234567890"
3. secretKey = "qwertyuiodfghjklcvbnm"
4. privateKey = "--BEGIN RSA KEY--...--END RSA KEY--"
6. var launchkey = new LaunchKey(appKey, secretKey, privateKey);
Authenticate user for login
1. launchkey.authenticate(user, successCallback, errorCallback);
Log out user
1. launchkey.deorbit(authRequest, successCallback, errorCallback);
Obtain a user's authorization
1. launchkey.authorize(user, successCallback, errorCallback);

Limited-Time Special Rates

No complex pricing structure, minimum users, or sales calls. Just simple, straight-forward pricing, with the best rates in the industry.


"Not only has our company integrated LaunchKey into our product, but I am personally a huge fan of it as a user. I quite literally repeat how much I love LaunchKey every time I sign into my Coinsetter and WordPress accounts."

Jaron Lukasiewicz
CEO, Coinsetter

"As both IT professionals and citizens of the Internet, LaunchKey's password-less authentication is the future. Another day, another password breach. Change is needed and LaunchKey is the answer."

John Hargrove
Founder, Jogo Softworks

"Launchkey’s a simple to use passwordless, multi-factor authentication system that is secure and works. The team behind the company is helpful, responsive to new ideas and suggestions, and we use it on our sites and recommend it to our customers."

Ian Bucklar
Founder, Havenswift Hosting

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