Superior multi-factor authentication for any business or consumer application.

LaunchKey is the smarter way to secure any business or consumer application by leveraging the smartphones and mobile devices end users and employees already own.

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Password-free login with a phone. Simple, secure, easy.

Eliminate the insecurity, liability, and hassle of legacy passwords and cumbersome 2FA tokens by pushing authentication requests to end users in realtime.

Security policies, user provisioning, security fencing, analytics & more.

Go beyond traditional 2-factor authentication (2FA) with advanced command and control capabilities.

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Technical white paper

A technical review of LaunchKey’s next generation auth platform, and the underlying architecture and approaches.

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White label

Don’t want to send your users to a 3rd-party authenticator? Leverage your own mobile app with our White Label SDK.

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Wordpress plugin

Remove the hassle and insecurity of passwords from WordPress with our free plugin. Get setup in under 5 minutes.

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"Not only has our company integrated LaunchKey into our product, but I am personally a huge fan of it as a user. I quite literally repeat how much I love LaunchKey every time I sign into my Coinsetter and WordPress accounts."

Jaron Lukasiewicz, CEO

"As both IT professionals and citizens of the Internet, LaunchKey's password-less authentication is the future. Another day, another password breach. Change is needed and LaunchKey is the answer."

John Hargrove, Founder
Jogo Softworks

"Launchkey’s a simple to use passwordless, multi-factor authentication system that is secure and works. The team behind the company is helpful, responsive to new ideas and suggestions, and we use it on our sites and recommend it to our customers."

Ian Bucklar, Founder
Havenswift Hosting

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Example apps and SDKs available on GitHub

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