Say goodbye to password breaches and hello to the Internet of Things.

LaunchKey is a multi-factor authentication and real-time authorization platform that uses the mobile devices your customers, users, or employees already own to secure any online or offline application such as websites, mobile apps, desktops, kiosks, vehicles, smart locks, industrial control systems, physical access systems, and more.

How it Works

A powerful API and set of tools for decentralizing authentication and authorization to the mobile devices your customers and users already own.

1. Users pair mobile devices

2. Apps send auth requests

3. Users authenticate & authorize

Next Gen Mobile Auth Platform

Remove the liability of legacy auth systems with a more secure and flexible alternative that your users will love.



Bypass the insecurity, liability, and poor user experience of password-based authentication.


Truly Multi-Factor

True multi-factor protection means all 3 auth factors: possession, knowledge, and inherence.



LaunchKey shifts the entire layer of authentication out of band to a user's mobile device.

Beyond Passwords

LaunchKey brings a wealth of new security, command and control capabilities unavailable in traditional IAM systems. Learn more

  • Cyber Security

    Cyber Security

    Protect sensitive online and offline applications with strong out-of-band authentication.

    Cyber Security

  • Advanced Authentication

    Advanced Auth

    Authenticate to the Internet of Things, passively access systems based on proximity and more.

    Advanced Auth

  • Physical Access

    Physical Access

    Turn a mobile device into a powerful and configurable digital key to access doors, vaults, and secure areas.

    Physical Access

  • Team Management

    Team Management

    User provisioning, dynamic security policies, custom roles and groups, real-time monitoring, analytics and more.

    Team Management

  • Identification


    Replace cumbersome IDs and badges with cryptographically verifiable identification.


  • Analytics and Compliance

    Analytics & Compliance

    Detailed analytics and reports for system oversight, auditing, compliance and governance.

    Analytics & Compliance

Why LaunchKey?

LaunchKey is the first decentralized auth platform created specifically for the post-password era and Internet of Things. With LaunchKey, you can remove the liability and risk of passwords while utilizing true multi-factor protection for password-free login, strong authentication, real-time authorization, identity validation, and more.

  • More Security
  • More Extensibility
  • More Capabilities
  • More Interoperability
  • Lower Cost
  • Better User Experience

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  • "Best for Password-free Login"

    Inc. Magazine

  • "I like what LaunchKey is offering -- a lot. It's a refreshing take on what is essentially the bane of one's online existence..."

  • "Just deployed @LaunchKey on our site. Not only was it a cinch to deploy, but I'm feeling way safer running WP again. Thanks guys!"


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