Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as a Service

MFA is LaunchKey’s core next gen auth solution that makes it easy to secure any internet-connected application with true multi-factor authentication and real-time authorization, for free. It’s fully decentralized, anonymous, and provides a better user experience than traditional 2-step authentication, all while substantially increasing your application’s security without the hassle or insecurity of passwords.

Integrate MFA For Free LaunchKey Mobile


LaunchKey MFA is an evolutionary step forward in authentication.

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Developer Tools

REST API with SDKs available for web and mobile applications in every major programming language

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The online management interface for administrators to manage users, security policies, analytics, and more.

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LaunchKey Mobile

The free mobile end users utilize to authenticate and respond to auth requests from applications.

App Guide

How it works

Push auth requests to your user’s mobile devices for authentication and authorization.

1. Add LaunchKey to your application

Secure access to your application or obtain real-time authorization from a user by adding a simple LaunchKey SDK to virtually any internet-connected application including websites, native mobile apps, web applications, desktop software, and beyond.

View our SDKs on GitHub
configure application
push requests
2. Push auth requests to your users

Configure your application to push auth requests to your end users for any use case appropriate for your application like password-free login or real-time purchase authorization. All requests are encrypted and cryptographically signed prior to being transmitted over the LaunchKey API.

3. Users receive & respond to your app’s requests

Using LaunchKey Mobile, your users will receive auth requests out-of-band on their paired devices whether they’re sitting in front of your application or they’re remote. Users have the option to approve or deny requests while authenticating with multiple factors of authentication.

Want to use your mobile app instead of ours? Check out LaunchKey White Label.

respond to requests
receive responses
4. Receive responses from users

Once a user responds to your request, it will be encrypted, signed, and sent back to you where only your application can decrypt and determine their response.

5. Monitor remote logouts (optional)

With LaunchKey MFA, your application can push both transactional and session requests to users. Transactions are typically 1-way authorizations, while sessions are more appropriate for logins and can be remotely ended by your user. Using the LaunchKey SDK, your application can listen for these remote logouts and take the appropriate action when necessary.


LaunchKey Mobile

The free mobile app LaunchKey users authenticate and authorize requests in.


Launch Pad

Users receive auth requests from any LaunchKey-secured application, authenticate, and respond through the Launch Pad.


End users can remotely monitor and control what applications they’ve authenticated and authorized to through a list called Orbit.


Built-in control features for users allow them to easily unpair devices, lock their account, add security features, view logs, and more.


Multiple Factors

LaunchKey Mobile provides true multi-factor authentication through factors like geofencing, fingerprint scan, combination lock, and more.

Remote Unpair

A device can be remotely unpaired online, by another paired device, or an application admin can manually sever the connection.


In addition to independent audits, LaunchKey Mobile utilizes public-key cryptography, local encrypted storage, SSL pinning, and more.



Control how your application and users interact with LaunchKey.

Enforcable Security

Don’t just provide users with security options, enforce security policies through the API. Require users be within a certain location or time frame or even require users utilize a certain amount or type of security factors.

User Provisioning

Import bulk users or provision access to specific individuals through user whitelisting. With White Label, you can also offboard users and unpair them from your organization through Dashboard.

Analytics & Logs

Monitor the frequency of authentication and authorizations within your applications, view past logs, and generate reports and interact with analytics through Dashboard.


Far beyond your typical auth solution.


Shift your application’s authentication layer 100% out-of-band.


Inherence, knowledge, and possession factors of authentication.

Platform Agnostic

Secure virtually any internet-connected application.


LaunchKey service stores no personally identifying information.


Remove the security risk and poor user experience of passwords.


Push auth requests directly to a user’s device in real time.

Security Policies

Create and enforce security policies through the REST API.


LaunchKey MFA and LaunchKey Mobile are 100% free to use.

Secure any application with MFA today. It's 100% free.