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End users receive and respond to launch requests through LaunchKey Mobile, a free native app available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile devices. This guide covers various features and capabilities within the app.

Download the app

Download the free LaunchKey app on your supported device from one of the following app stores:

  • Download mobile app:

iOS 6.1.6+, iOS 7.0.6+
Android 2.2+
Windows Phone 8+

  • Setup

    New to LaunchKey? Learn how to create a new LaunchKey user account and pair your first device.

    Setup & Registration

  • Launch Requests

    Learn about launch requests and how to respond to them through the LaunchKey mobile app.

    Responding to Launch Requests

  • Orbit

    Authorized launch requests are placed in Orbit giving users remote management capabilities.

    Using Orbit

  • Authentication Factors

    True multi-factor authentication with possession, knowledge and inherence factors of authentication.

    Multi-factor Authentication

  • Miscellaneous Features

    LaunchKey comes with other features for additional security and control.

    More Features

  • Troubleshooting

    Having trouble using the LaunchKey app? Check out this section for common troubleshooting...

    Help & Troubleshooting

Are you ready to evolve your security beyond the password era?

Get started immediately by downloading the LaunchKey mobile app or by contacting a LaunchKey representative today.

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