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The LaunchKey WordPress plugin makes it quick and simple to add passwordless multi-factor authentication to your WordPress-powered blog or website. Although you have the option to use LaunchKey in addition to your normal username/password login, this plugin also allows you to remove passwords entirely from your WordPress blog, thereby eliminating the risk of a password breach!

Get the Plugin

Download the plugin from the WordPress plugin repository.

View Source

View the source on GitHub or clone the source code:

Create a LaunchKey developer app

Before you can begin using the LaunchKey WordPress plugin, you need to create a new LaunchKey developer app by following these steps:

Step 1

If you already have a LaunchKey username and paired device skip to Step 2, otherwise install the LaunchKey mobile app on your personal device. After opening the app, tap create account and follow the instructions to pair your device.

Step 2

Login to your dashboard and click the New app link on the left side of the page.

Step 3

After you've created your new app, obtain your app key from the App Details page, and generate your secret key -- take note of these values for future steps!

Step 4

Check the checkbox next to OAuth and enter the referring domain you have WordPress installed on (e.g. my.domain.tld)

Note: Always ensure you're using the most up-to-date version of WordPress!

Setup the plugin

After you've created a developer app, you can install and configure the LaunchKey WordPress plugin by following these steps:

Step 5

Upload or install the LaunchKey plugin from the WordPress repository, and then click the Activate link located to the left of the LaunchKey plugin description.

Step 6

Navigate to the LaunchKey configuration page located within the WordPress Settings tab and enter your app key and secret key which you kept from step 3 above.

That's it! You're done setting up LaunchKey and you will now see a Login with LaunchKey button on your WordPress login page.

Logging in with LaunchKey for the first time

After you've successfully setup the plugin, users (including you) will be able to pair their LaunchKey devices with their WordPress account by navigating to the Profile options page by clicking on their username in the top right of the WP Admin screen. Navigate to the LaunchKey Options section and click the Click to pair link.

Clicking this link will forward you to the LaunchKey OAuth page. Once you've authorized the request, you'll see that your device has been paired along with an extra option to remove your current WordPress account password. For maximum security, we highly recommend removing your WordPress password.

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