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Powerful security for consumer, commercial, and enterprise applications.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Extend decentralized, true multi-factor authentication to any internet-connected application.

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Passwordless Login

Log into any internet-connected application ranging from websites, mobile apps, desktop applications, kiosks, and beyond, whether the user is in front of the application or not. With LaunchKey’s decentralized architecture, any application can be secured with 100% out-of-band authentication.

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2-Step Authentication

Use LaunchKey for traditional 2-step authentication typically used on top of existing in-band authentication such as a username/password. Utilize LaunchKey as the out-of-band auth factor in place of OTP or token services for more factors of authentication and increased control.

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Authenticate to Things

LaunchKey’s fully decentralized architecture means the entire auth layer resides on your user’s mobile device. This approach is more secure and is ideal for connected devices which must push authentication outside the device due to hardware limitations (i.e. no keyboard, screen, etc.).

Remote Logout

With LaunchKey, not only can a user remotely log into an application, the user can also remotely log out of an application. This means a user can log into a web application, fly to the other side of the planet, see that they’re still logged-in on their mobile device, and remotely kill the session.

single sign on
Single Sign-On

With LaunchKey, individual applications can be logged into and out of, giving the end user control over each application, however a single sign-on approach is also possible through protocols like OAuth, SAML, and others.

Real-Time Authorization

Push real-time authorization and approval requests to users for any purpose.

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Purchase Approval

Push purchase approval requests to a user’s mobile device in real time. Not only does this mean an individual can authorize a valid purchase, it means any attempted fraudulent transaction will be pushed in real time to the legitimate owner, at which point they can deny the request and stop fraud in its tracks.

group authentication
Group Auth / Two-Man Rule

The Two-Man Rule is often used in the military and government to secure critical or sensitive resources, and now anyone can programmatically enforce that two or more individuals simultaneously authorize and authenticate to obtain access, authorize an action, or other sensitive function.

one way authentication
One-Way Authorizations

While LaunchKey can control two-way sessions (i.e. log in and log out), LaunchKey is also perfect for transactional, or one-way, authorization requests. This is ideal for everything from registering a vote, approving a request, authorizing a transaction, verify receipt, etc.

Physical Access Control

Secure physical access backed by true multi-factor authentication.

access control
Access Control Systems

LaunchKey can be configured to be the authenticator for physical access control systems. Instead of using an NFC access card or PIN number that can easily be stolen, access systems can push authentication to a person’s mobile device for multiple layers of strong authentication.

smart lock
Smart Locks

Whether networked or not, a smart lock can be configured to push authentication requests to a user’s mobile device for authentication and authorization. LaunchKey can work with OEMs to make new solutions or work with clients to integrate LaunchKey into existing solutions.


Traditional keys and fobs no longer provide adequate security. LaunchKey can be configured to communicate locally with a vehicle in order to authenticate directly between the vehicle and vehicle owner’s mobile device, providing enhanced security, with no internet connection needed.


Verify identity in real time.

verification icon
Customer Service Identity Verification

Hackers often use social engineering tricks to convince customer support reps and phone operators that they’re someone they aren’t. With LaunchKey, real-time identity verification requests can be pushed to a user to verify their identity.

check in

Use LaunchKey to verify the identity of an individual to check them into an event, hotel, or anything else. By pairing their device and identity at the time a ticket or reservation is purchased, an identity verification request can be pushed to their device to prove their identities once they arrive.

Local (Offline)

Need to authenticate to something locally rather than using the cloud? LaunchKey can help.

local auth
Local Authentication

Using a variety of wireless communication protocols like Bluetooth, NFC, and WiFi, LaunchKey can be configured to auth locally between an individual’s mobile device and the localized application being secured. LaunchKey’s fully decentralized architecture makes this possible.

Proximity Auth

LaunchKey can be configured to authenticate to a local application (e.g. door, vehicle, machine, etc.) through the use of proximity detection. When an approved individual is within proximity of the secured application, an authrequest can be passively initiated for authentication.

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