The simple and modern way to secure any application with your own mobile app.

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Modern authentication & authorization

LaunchKey White Label turns your mobile app into a powerful decentralized authenticator capable of securing any online application.

  • Passwordless Login
  • Purchase Approval
  • Identity Verification
  • Internet of Things
  • 2-Step Auth
Passwordless Login
Passwordless Login (& Logout)

Make hackers angry, users happy, and immunize your website or other online application from password breaches by removing them from your application entirely. And with LaunchKey White Label, your users can remotely monitor sessions and even end them regardless of where they are.

Purchase Approval

Eliminate fraudulent transactions with real-time purchase approval and transaction authorization. Similar to the Apple Pay approach, but LaunchKey White Label is platform agnostic, backed by multi-factor authentication, and complete with enforceable security policies.

Purchase approval screen
Identity verification
Real-time Identity Verification

With social engineering, clever attackers can trick customer support representatives over the phone, support chat, or at the service desk, but by pushing authentication requests to individuals in real time, those support reps can remove doubt and verify an individual's identity with confidence.

Online Devices & Things

Most online devices and "things" can't utilize traditional in-band authentication methods like usernames and passwords because many of these devices don't have input/output devices like keyboards or screens. As such, the Internet of Things must handle authentication out of band whenever possible. LaunchKey's decentralized architecture means devices can push authentication requests out of band to remote individuals in real-time.

Internet of Things
2 step authentication
Legacy 2-Step Authentication

Even if you decide to keep passwords, LaunchKey White Label can be used in place of traditional 2-step authentication approaches like one-time passwords (OTP) and hardware tokens. It’s a better user experience than transposing tokens from device to application, and you can add more security on top with additional authentication factors and management capabilities.

Many benefits, one platform

One consolidated security platform with many benefits.

stronger security
Stronger Security

Remove the insecurity of in-band passwords in exchange for fully-decentralized multi-factor authentication with a superior cryptographic architecture.

increase adoption
Increase App Adoption

By requiring users download your mobile app for one of the most fundamental actions of any online service - logging in - you can maximize adoption.

secure more stuff
Secure More Stuff

Secure more than websites and mobile apps. Anything from a kiosk to a smart lock to an app on Roku or Apple TV can push auth requests to your mobile app.

happier users
Happier Users

No one likes passwords or transposing tokens. White Label is a more secure alternative that your users will unanimously prefer.

Greater Control

Create security policies to force users to utilize a certain level of security, limit auths to specific geo-zones, whitelist specific users, and more, all through the API.

No cyrpto knowledge necessary
No Crypto Know-How

Don’t risk improperly implementing cryptography or paying a fortune to hire a crypto expert. White Label gives you industry-leading crypto without the know-how.

Next gen security in a drop-in SDK

White Label embeds LaunchKey’s next gen auth technology within your mobile app through a configurable drop-in SDK that’s only visibile when your app needs it.

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Purchase approval screen
push icon
Push Enabled

With push notifications, the application you’re securing can push auth requests directly to your users and trigger the White Label modal automatically within your app. This also means users are notified in real-time of fraudulent attempts.

extensible icon
Extensible Methods

Many of the White Label functions found within the Auth Modal such as user logout, device unpair, and others, are exposed to your mobile app so you can perform these functions directly within your mobile app for an even deeper integration.

user icon
Your Users, Not Ours

With White Label, your existing users will utilize their usernames and identities from your user database instead of having to register new usernames with LaunchKey. This makes for a seamless user transition.

Stay in command & control

From users to administrators, everyone gains new levels of control.

enforcable security
Enforcable Security

Don’t just provide users with security options, enforce security policies through the API. Require users be within a certain location or time frame or even require users utilize a certain amount or type of security factors.

user provisioning
User Provisioning

Import bulk users or provision access to specific individuals through user whitelisting. With White Label, you can also offboard users and unpair them from your organization through Dashboard.

analytics and logs
Analytics & Logs

Monitor the frequency of authentication and authorizations within your applications, view past logs, and generate reports and interact with analytics through Dashboard.

Brandable, configurable, & customizable

Customize White Label with the look that’s right for your mobile app. Control everything from background color to transparency to the branding in the launch slider.


Security & privacy baked-in

Security is too important to do by yourself. LaunchKey White Label was built from the ground-up by security professionals who understand the modern threat landscape so you don’t have to.

100% Anonymous

All personally identifying data is stored on device, not on LaunchKey servers.

Fully Decentralized

White Label shifts the entire layer of authentication out of band.

Max Encryption

All data and traffic encrypted; perfect forward secrecy utilized.


No tokens or shared secrets, just a public-key infrastructure.


Continuously audited by independent auditors and white hat hackers.


The best ROI for security in the industry.

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LaunchKey MFA

White Label


  • Authenticator: Your own mobile app
  • Marking: "Secured by LaunchKey"
  • Deployment: LaunchKey public cloud
  • # of Auths: Unlimited

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LaunchKey MFA

White Label


  • Authenticator: Your own mobile app
  • Marking: None
  • Deployment: LaunchKey public cloud
  • # of Auths: Unlimited

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